Self-Care Workshop

Course Content:   
  1. Why do we care about others? (small group and plenary feedback)
  2. What is Compassion: how it works, how it affects us, how do we nurture it?
  3. Self-compassion.
  4. Why Self-care?
  • Distress
  • Burnout
  • ‘Vicarious traumatization”
  • Impaired professional competence
  1. What is Stress?
  • Personal factors
  • Work factors
  1. Stress Management: What, Why and How
  2. Relaxation techniques and practice session
  3. Self-care questionnaire and personal plan development
Learning outcomes:

By the end of the (half-day) workshop participants will have:

  • Examined and discussed the concepts of caring, compassion and self-care
  • Examined and discussed the nature of stress and anxiety and its impact on the caregiver and client
  • Practised various types of physical relaxation and stress management techniques
  • Considered their current self-care practice and developed a personal plan for self-care moving forward.

Places are limited for this training and age restrictions apply.  Full attendance is essential. These sessions are open to staff and volunteers of community and voluntary sector organisations working within the Western Trust Area.

Facilitated by Zest