Grow, cook, eat. It's a process as old as time. But the distance between us and the food that we eat is further than it has ever been and that's not good for our health.

That's why we were pleased to be invited to Brook Hall Estate and Gardens with the Acorn Farm project for Open Farm Weekend. Open Farm Weekend's objective is to "reconnect the public to the local food supply chain and enable them to meet the farmers who produce our food." Over the course of two days we talked with children, parents and teachers about tastes, preferences and developing relationships with food as well as getting hands on with two food preparation activities.

We focused on two key messages:

  1. Involving children in food preparation is a wonderful way to introduce them to new foods away from the (sometimes pressured) dinner table.
  2. Curiosity about the origin of our food is a skill that can help us eat more healthily and sustainably.

But the work doesn't stop here. Over the growing months we will be spending more time reconnecting people with their food for the good of their health and the planet so look out for lots more.

Acorn Farm’s revenue budget, programmes and staffing, have been funded by The National Lottery’s Community Fund (Climate Action Fund). The Community Foundation NI are the project lead.