All projects, funded by the Public Health Agency and administered by Developing Healthy Communities' Clear Project, are obliged to comply with the guidelines set out in your short-term funding approval welcome pack as outlined below:

  1. End of Year Returns
  2. Nutrition Guidance
  3. PHA Quality Standards
  4. Purchase of Incentives
  5. Monitoring Outcomes Tools
  6. Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing
  7. Equality Monitoring (Section 75)
  8. Project Branding / Logos
  9. Support Services Available
  10. Comkit
  11. Useful resources

End of Year Returns

All organisations that received PHA's Making Life Better Short-term funding will need to complete a Final Project Monitoring Report at the end of the funding year.  This includes reporting back on the information collected,

  • Record of activities (inc. number of sessions; participant etc.)
  • Signatures - Please make sure that all signatures are scanned/handwritten signatures, not typed.
  • Invoice/payment request (minus any underspend)
  • Equality Monitoring - Section 75 (Adults) - S75 click here
  • Outcomes Monitoring Tool - Outcomes click here

Final payments will not be made until all information has been submitted

Guidance on Completing Final Report

Nutrition Guidance

If any food is being provided as part of the programme delivery, the following must be adhered to:

PHA Quality Standards

All Award 2 funding recipients must undertake a self-assessment against the PHA Quality Standards for services promoting mental and emotional wellbeing and suicide prevention Core standards (and additional sections if relevant to your project).  

If you need further guidance or advice with this, please contact the Clear Project Tel: 028 7138 3386.

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Purchase of Incentives

Organisations providing vouchers / incentives to project participants must incorporate the following principles of good practice. 

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Monitoring Outcomes Tools

There are a number of monitoring tools that can be used to evaluate project success.  Some project funding will specify the monitoring tool required.  

Projects will be expected to use the agreed tool(s) with their participants from the start of the project and provide a summary of the results in the final project monitoring report (PMR). 

Step 1: Recording Tools - See information below on the following tools

Step 2: Reporting Back - See below the template for recording* your outcomes tool scores.  This should be completed and returned with your final PMR.  

*NOTE: For confidentiality purposes please do not use participants' names when recording scores.

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Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing 

Most of us know when we are mentally and physically well, but sometimes we need a little extra help to keep well. These steps are five simple ways in which people can maintain and improve their mental wellbeing. Translations into 11 languages are now available on the Take 5 Website.

Take 5 Resources

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Equality Monitoring (Section 75)

As a requirement of your funding, you must report back on Equality Monitoring (Section 75) and your project outcomes, as this forms part of your final Progress Monitoring Report (PMR).

Step 1: Recording - See below the blank form, which can be printed off and handed out to participants.

Step 2: Reporting Back - See below the link to report back when the information has been collated.  This should be completed for your final PMR.  

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Project Branding/Logos

All recipients must ensure that all publicity material relating to their programme carries the logos of the PHA and the Clear Project and includes the wording “Supported by the Public Health Agency through the Clear Project”.   

You can request the logos from the Clear Project prior to publication.

You will need to forward flyers/publicity material to the Clear Project in advance for approval of logo use.  See contacts for your areas below: 

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Support Services Available In Your Area

You must promote the range of services available in your area to help improve mental health and emotional wellbeing to bring comfort, hope, and support to as many people as possible. 

Please Visit the PHA's website for the following;

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The Public Health Agency (PHA) would like to make everyone aware of ComKit.  This is an online platform to support communities following a sudden death that is a suspected suicide. It was designed to help people react and deal in a caring and appropriate way.  This has been developed with Urban Scale Interventions (USI) in partnership with Families’ Voices Forum as well as community and voluntary groups. 

ComKit provides guidance on key public messages to communicate and details of support systems to direct people to.  The aim is to guide people through the process and to better understand every step, in how to remember a loved one and how to support those in need.

Find out more about ComKit

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Useful Resources

Other useful resources and links.

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