All projects, funded by the Public Health Agency and administered by Developing Healthy Communities' Clear Project, are obliged to comply with the branding and reporting guidelines set out in your short term funding approval welcome pack and outlined below:

Project branding/Logos

  • All recipients must ensure that all publicity material relating to their programme carries the logos of the PHA and the Clear Project.  
  • Publicity should include the wording “Supported by the Public Health Agency through the Clear Project”. 

"Supported by the Public Health Agency through the Clear Project” 

  • You can email us for logo versions prior to publication.
  • You will need to forward flyers/publicity material to the Clear Project in advance for approval of logo use.

Monitoring Information/Templates

A requirement of your funding is to report back on project outcomes and successes. 


For Projects: When all the information has been collated please use the links below to report back your information as this forms part of your Progress Monitoring Report (PMR). 

The example Section 75 Equality Monitoring forms below can be printed off and given to participants

Monitoring Tools

There are a number of monitoring tools that can be used to evaluate project success. Some project funding will specify the monitoring tool required.

Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing 

Most of us know when we are mentally and physically well, but sometimes we need a little extra help to keep well. These steps are five simple ways in which people can maintain and improve their mental wellbeing. Translations into 11 languages are now available on the Take 5 Website.

Project Summaries

2022/23 Project Summaries

PHA Quality Standards

This self-assessment tool is specifically designed to provide a quality framework for services and organisations supporting people with their mental and emotional wellbeing or engaged in suicide prevention. 

Useful Information

Directory of services to help improve mental health and emotional wellbeing (Z-card)

These directories list the names, numbers and web addresses (where applicable) of organisations that offer services to help improve mental health and emotional wellbeing. Where possible, additional information has also been provided, such as email addresses and contact details within each Health and Social Care Trust area.

Access further information on Super Output Areas (SOA's)