This training is aimed at professionals and individuals who are working in an area where they are likely to come into contact with someone who is at risk of suicide. 

The ASIST workshop can be very intense; therefore, consideration is given to the relevance of the training to the individual’s current role and to their experience to date of mental health issues.  The ASIST program exists within a suite of suicide prevention training, and it is recommended that potential candidates have experience or some training in mental health issues before attending this course, for example, attend training in mental health promotion or suicide prevention awareness (safeTALK).  

It is recommended that anyone who has been bereaved or affected by suicide within the past 12 months do not attend, as structured training like ASIST is probably not what they need.  For more information for persons bereaved or affected by suicide, contact Suicide Liaison Officer on 028 71 320138.


ASIST is a two-day intensive, interactive and practice-dominated course designed to help caregivers recognise risk and learn how to intervene to prevent the immediate risk of suicide


  • Connecting – sensitize participants to their own attitudes towards suicide.
  • Understanding – focuses on providing participants with the knowledge and skills to recognise risk and develop safeplans.
  • Assisting – presents a model of effective suicide intervention.
  • Networking – generates information about resources in the local community.


Participants develop their skills through observation, supervised simulations experiences and role play in large and small groups.