Motivational Interviewing, with Glenn Hinds

Motivational Interviewing - Level 2 Intermediate*

This 2-day workshop is designed for everyone who wishes to further develop their skills in supporting people to change their behaviour and having completed the previous Level 1 workshop.  It will be of particular interest to those assisting people who wish to change their thinking or behaviour including diet, substance use, exercise routine, medication adherence, criminal behaviour, or any other health or lifestyle behaviour.

Course Aims
To introduce participants to the skills, processes, and opening strategies of Motivational Interviewing.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of the programme, participants will demonstrate:

  • The ability to differentiate Change Talk and Commitment Talk in helping conversations.
  • A practical awareness of the strategies to elicit and enhance Change and Commitment Talk.
  • A practical use of The Value Sort Cards.
  • Confidence in:
    • The use of the opening strategies of motivational interviewing
    • The readiness Ruler
    • Decisional Balance
    • Change Plan Worksheet
  • An increased confidence and commitment to utilizing the principles and strategies of Motivational Interviewing in their work/practice setting.

 *Please Note: This 2-day specific skills training workshop is a progress workshop from the ‘Motivational Interviewing – Level 1’ training.  Only participants who have completed the 2-day level 1 course may attend this

Facilitated by Glenn Hinds