Some forum members choose to attend meetings in order to use their experience to express common concerns held by families across the country.

We work as an equal partner at the table with a variety of services and organisations. Our aim is to collaborate with others to help improve policy, funding and services for those with suicidal thoughts and for families requiring support following a bereavement by suicide.

Meetings can be local or regional but always have the Protect Life 2 Strategy as the driving force on the agenda.

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Our meetings

Members get together about four times a year, usually over a nice meal in an informal setting, in order to share their experiences, information, learning and to decide what actions to prioritise for the upcoming strategic meetings.

Everyone bereaved by suicide is welcome to join us and you can share your thoughts and ideas, ask questions or just be a listening ear to discussions taking place. We welcome everyone to participate in the way that suits them best!

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Recent meetings

Here are the summaries and minutes of our most recent meetings

Protect Life 2 Regional Steering Group Meeting Summary May/June 2020

All-Parting Working Group on Suicide Meeting Summary May 2020

Family Voices Forum Meeting Summary: June 2020

Families Voices Forum Briefing Paper

In January 2020, Families Voices Forum presented the priorities of families bereaved by suicide in the Northern Ireland Community to the Chief Medical Officer, Dr McBride.

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