The Clear Project has created a unique strategic network of organisations in the Western Trust Area working to prevent suicide, self-harm, drug and alcohol misuse.

Our Aim

To forge strong and sustainable links between community and statutory sector service providers to prevent suicide, self-harm, drug and alcohol misuse.

Training & Development Opportunities

At Clear, we work with the community and voluntary sector to identify training needs and to offer a range of development and capacity building training opportunities. This training is open to adults within the community and voluntary sector working to prevent suicide, self-harm, drug and alcohol misuse within the Western Trust area.

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In 2019-20, we delivered the following:

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Small grants to support wellbeing

Each year, the Clear Project allocates around £750,000 of grants to community and voluntary organisations involved in working to support positive mental health, emotional well-being and prevent suicide, self-harm and drug and alcohol misuse across the Western, Southern, South Eastern and Belfast Trust areas.

A grant recipient from Belfast talks about how the funding has delivered benefit to the local community:

"The young people are engaging more…as a result the PSNI have stated that the number of calls in the area have dramatically reduced to 1 in the last few months. Some of the participants have signed up to participate in local sporting teams and others have volunteered to help with different activities within the youth centre."

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Quality Standards

Since 2010 the Clear Project, with support from the Public Health Agency, has been working with the employees and volunteers within mental health services to develop, tailor and regularly review a set of quality framework within which any service providing mental and emotional wellbeing support and suicide prevention across Northern Ireland should operate.

They focus on setting minimum standards and improving governance arrangements within organisations to provide safe and effective practice for service users.

An organisation that have completed the Quality Standards self-assessment said:

“We owe it to the people we help and support to provide the best possible service and this framework is an excellent way of giving our service users the confidence in choosing where to seek help and our staff the guidance in how best to run an agency and deliver the services to a high standard.”

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PHA page with full details of Standards and Frameworks

More information 

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