Motivational Interviewing, with Glenn Hinds

This 12-hour workshop is designed for everyone who wishes to develop their skills in supporting people change their behaviour.  It will be of particular interest to those assisting people who wish to change their thinking or behaviour including diet, substance use, exercise routine, medication adherence, criminal behaviour, or any other health or lifestyle behaviour.

Course Aims
To introduce participants to the skills, processes, and opening strategies of Motivational Interviewing.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of the programme, participants will demonstrate:

  • A practice-based awareness of the four processes of motivational interviewing.
  • An understanding of the ‘Trans-theoretical Model of Behaviour Change’ and its relevance to individuals’ decision making.
  • An ability to assist individuals and groups assess their own readiness to change and make appropriate decisions about their behaviour.
  • A working knowledge of the opening strategies of motivational interviewing.
  • A recognition of how discord or resistance arises and effective responses.
  • A confidence and commitment to utilise the processes and strategies of Motivational Interviewing in their work/practice setting.
  • An understanding of how to engage mandated clients who attend against their will.

Places are limited and age restrictions apply.  Full attendance on all sessions is essential. These sessions are open to staff and volunteers of community and voluntary sector organisations operating within the Western Trust Area. 

Facilitated by Glenn Hinds