This (1-day) training session introduces participants to the issues of self-harm and the family.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the workshop the participants will have:

  1. Discussed the different behaviours, direct and indirect within the concept of self-harm.
  2. Examined and discussed the range of concepts that underpin the behaviour e.g. self-punishment, self-nurturing, relief etc.
  3. Examined and discussed the life events and subsequent feelings that lead to the behaviour and how the behaviour functions for these.
  4. Examined and discussed the psychological development of the person behind the behaviour.
  5. Examined and discussed the Family System and its influence on the individual members.
  6. Examined and discussed how a family should respond to the person with special reference to risk management and promoting emotional health.
  7. Examined and discussed the importance of self-care for all family members.

Places are limited and Age restrictions apply.  These sessions are open to staff and volunteers of community and voluntary sector organisations operating within the Western Trust Area.

Facilitated by Zest