We are pleased to support the independent review of mental health crisis services in Northern Ireland, commissioned by the Department of Health which is currently underway. 

Our Chief Executive, Erin McFeely, is just one of the members of the review team which is led by Christine Bateson.

This important work will feed into the draft Mental Health Strategy 2021-2031 and so will have an impact on our healthcare services in the long-term. 

As part of the Review process the Team is keen to gather a wide range of views to inform the further development of mental health crisis services in Northern Ireland.  We would strongly encourage you to get involved and ensure that your voice is heard. The survey is aimed at service users, carers, family members and friends with an interest in the area, as well as those working in the community and voluntary sector, or statutory health services and those with a policy or research interest.

Participation in the survey is voluntary  and the survey can be completed anonymously or you have the option to provide us with your contact details at the end. 

The survey findings will be written up in a report which will be in the public domain and will be used to inform service developments. Any personally identifying data that is included in the survey responses will not be included in the survey report but we will refer to specific services that are referred to.

The closing date for responses is Wednesday 31st March 2021.

If you have any queries about the survey please contact Gavin Davidson at Queen's University Belfast.

Take the survey