10th September 2023 is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

The theme for World Suicide Prevention Day is "Creating Hope Through Action". This encourages us all to be proactive in acknowledging and contributing to our community's mental health. This year's theme is going to be enforced by organisations all across Northern Ireland between 11th September 2023 - 9th October 2023.

Over the 4 weeks there will be numerous opportunities for local people to join "Walk & Talks" which have been organised to ensure that participation and inclusion are running in line with the "Creating Hope Through Action" theme. 

You can find information on creating or joining existing Walk & Talks at Mind Your Head.

Below are some resources to assist in contributing to the campaign:

'Creating Hope Through Action' Walk & Talk Poster

Free Training to Support Your Mental Health

'Creating Hope Through Action' Booklet


The Comkit tool provides a wealth of stakeholder and community information for during and after a time of heightened suicide activity. It can equip individuals with information and resources on how to report suicides, memorials and gatherings and the use of social media to highlight such activities.

You can access this tool by visiting Comkit