Find out how your company’s team can access free support to keep learning about ways to enjoy better health and wellbeing.

Sabrina Moore, Manager, Health@WorkNI
by Sabrina Moore, Manager, Health@WorkNI

This week’s theme in the multi-agency campaign to promote mental health and wellbeing is “Keep Learning”. And staying healthy is more important than ever in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.  So, what better time to stop and ask yourself how up-to-date your skills are in relation to looking after health and wellbeing at work?

Could you and your colleagues do more? Would you like access to free tools and support to help you?

Health@WorkNI is the lead service provider for the Public Health Agency's Work Well Live Well Programme in the Western Trust area.

We deliver support to small, medium and large businesses, and target those with employees at risk of poor health and wellbeing, including low paid, sedentary, migrant and LGBTQ employees.

Case studies:

Staff of GES outside premises

Braidwater receives award

We offer three levels of support. Start with Level 1 and then choose whether or not to proceed to Level to and/or on to Level 3.

Level 1 – Register to receive up to date information on workplace health and encouragement to engage with the Mental Health Charter
Level 2 – Sign up for support to help you complete a staff wellbeing survey and develop a wellbeing action plan for the organisation
Level 3 – Staff member/s take part in training on how to be an advocate for health and wellbeing within the workplace (Workplace Health Champion).

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Work Well Live Well Programme had to quickly adapt our services to support workplace teams via email, social media and Zoom, keeping them up to date with the latest emotional wellbeing information.

We quickly moved to online meetings with workplace teams and linked in with our local service providers to bring wellbeing services online in the form of the Workplace Health Champions training, Mental Health training and Back to Work seminars but to name a few.

Our latest Workplace Health Champions training will take place in October and November and will be available to workplaces moving to Level 3 support. The training will be delivered over five online modules with some check in sessions via Zoom. We’ve designed the training to be more accessible to those working from home and working during the pandemic so that employee wellbeing remains at the top of the agenda at all times. 

For more information on our FREE “Work Well Live Well Programme” contact me at  [email protected].