Braidwater Group is one of Northern Ireland's leading home builders in both social and private housing. Based in Eglinton, Co. Derry, it has 99 employees.

Having been involved with the Work Well Live Well programme, the company has seen a change in its culture - everything from healthy lunch options to yearly health checks.  Blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels have all improved within the last 12 months of starting the programme. 

Here are some of the initiatives undertaken:

  • Its staff have taken part in mental health first aid training and a range of wellbeing courses
  • Counselling has been offered as a free but mandatory service across all of the construction projects and head office to ensure  personnel are having their mental needs addressed
  • Cycle to work schemes have also been introduced
  • Healthy eating is promoted both at the office and on-site with boxes of fresh fruit distributed across both

“The service provided by Health@Work NI to date has been excellent. It has encouraged and assisted us in developing several health initiatives throughout the last 12 months which have included healthy eating, health MOTs, mental health first aider training, mindfulness programmes and yoga."

"With the assistance of the workplace health service it was all organised with ease, which would have proved a much more difficult experience without such a service being available. Looking forward to what the next 12 months has to offer.”

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