For one participant in a project funded by the PHA Making Life Better programme, involvement on a finance seminar, as well as a follow on one-to-one financial advice session, has helped a family member secure their first home.

The individual, along with 772 other participants from the Belfast, Southern, South Eastern and Western areas benefitted from the ‘Group Financial and Mental Health Wellbeing Interactive Seminar’. Furthermore, they availed of a one-to-one session which was also taken up by 228 other people.

This participant describes how the first informative session helped him to look at his own financial status and the impact it was having on his mental health: ‘Following the seminar, I took up the opportunity of the one-to-one session to access the amazing free financial advice. It helped not only me to change my financial behaviours, but it also impacted my family’s financial status.

'One of my family members had tried to get onto the property ladder for many years but had difficulty with securing a mortgage so I encourage him to contact the service. Sean’s font of knowledge and continuous support enabled my family member to buy their first home through co-ownership. This has had a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing as well as their finances, following years of renting a home.’

Kith and Kin Financial Solutions, a community interest company, also engaged with 585 people through their financial and mental health webinars which means a total of 1,587 participants on the various sessions. 1,341 completed the financial and mental health and wellbeing community outcomes star and 93% of these showed a positive increase. Funding for this project was made possible through the PHA Making Life Better programme.