June 2022

The PHA quality standards for services promoting mental and emotional wellbeing and suicide prevention were first published on 1st April 2014. The standards are designed to create a quality framework within which any service providing mental and emotional wellbeing support and suicide prevention across Northern Ireland should operate. They focus on setting minimum standards and improving governance arrangements within organisations to provide safe and effective practice for service users. The standards have been reviewed and updated regularly to ensure they reflect the best up-to-date evidence available. 

Self-Assessment Tool

The standards are a self-assessment tool which helps you to gauge how your organisation meets best practice standards and reflect on how you can improve. The new website includes a secure portal where you can complete your self-assessment worksheet. The framework will guide you through the process via a number of simple yes/no questions and you can add details of how you meet the standards. Whilst it is a self-assessment tool, each year, a number of organisations are chosen at random for independent assessment. Should your organisation be selected for an independent assessment, the assessor will contact you directly.


There are a number of videos and downloads within the Resources section which you may find useful. You can download the full standards document, overview of the standards and a written guide to using the standards online portal. There is also a promotional video available on the standards and a portal instruction video.

Awareness Raising Video

There is a short 13-minute awareness raising video which will help increase understanding of the standards and provide an overview of requirements that will support organisations meet the standards.  Click here to find out more.

Good practice - Equality Monitoring 

We have created a page where we will promote good practice. This currently includes a briefing document where we reflect on what equality monitoring and Section 75 mean as well as monitoring requirements. Our good practice includes case studies from two projects, and we would love to hear from other contract holders who are willing to share their model of good practice in terms of collecting, storing and analysing Section 75 information.  Click here to find out more.

Want to find out more?

If you want to attend an hour-long one-to-one session on the quality standards or find out more information, please contact the Clear Project on 07702 509 314 or email [email protected]

The PHA would like to acknowledge the work of the Clear Project in the development and promotion of the quality standards framework.


Standards - PHA Resource Hub 

PHA Standards Flyer

Overview of PHA Quality Standards