November 2023

In focus - Equality and Diversity

Are you open for business ……... for everyone?

Did you know the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland has a range of resources to support your organisation to ensure that equality and diversity is actively promoted? Why not have a look for yourself. 

Here are a few of the tools, policies, and procedures available:

    Equality Policy for Service Provision

    Why have an Equality Policy on Service Provision?

    Many organisations have, in their role as employers, already adopted equal opportunities policies in the area of employment in order to demonstrate to employees that the organisation takes equality issues seriously. A policy on service provision has specific focus on customers. Organisations which provide goods or services to the public will wish to adopt a similar policy towards customers and service users to show their commitment to equality of opportunity.

    Example Equality Policy for Service Providers policy

    Guidelines for providers of goods, facilities and services on developing an equality policy for service provision

    PHA Quality Standards for Services Promoting Mental and Emotional Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention

    There are several ways to find out more about the standards:

    • Visit the Standards website - - download the standards, watch introductory videos, register and start your self-assessment.
    • Watch the awareness raising video – Short 13-minute awareness raising video which will help increase understanding of the standards and provide an overview of the requirements that will support organisations to meet the standards. Click here to view.

    Want to find out more?

    If you require further details or are interested in a one-to-one hour-long Zoom session on the PHA standards, please contact Brenda on 07702 509 314 


    Standards - PHA Resource Hub 

    PHA Standards Newsletter

    Overview of PHA Quality Standards