When it comes to combatting the health challenges associated with rising obesity there's one big obstacle standing in our way, at least according to the experts behind World Obesity Day (Saturday 4 March).

That obstacle? Our own closed minds.

Everyone has their own opinion on obesity. But some opinions and misconceptions can distract us from the kind of system-level changes that make a real difference to health. Health systems, food systems and economic systems.

That's why the World Health Organisation's advice on obesity includes things like: "engage city-level governments in facilitating the access to healthy diets, such as through the establishment of fresh food markets and through zoning policies," and "facilitate the access to healthy diets and promote sustainability and socioeconomic equity... ...linking agroecological small-scale producers and food systems operators to programmes."

It's all about avoiding what's called an obesogenic environment – a world that makes it easy to gain weight. And it means that you can worry all you want about what you personally choose to eat and how much you move, but if you want to make a sustainable, long term difference to people's health (or your own) you have to look at the world around you.

And the first step? Opening your own mind. Which is exactly what we're committed to doing, starting with the brilliant World Obesity Day prompt cards that we've linked to below.

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