Tonight the world is marking its understanding of suicide by lighting a candle near a window at 8pm to show support for suicide prevention, to remember a lost loved one and for the survivors of suicide.

The Families Voices Forum is asking as many people as possible to join in.

The Forum is working hard today to mark this event and for the rest of the month (until 10th October) to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

The theme this year is 'working together' and they are keen to share that suicide prevention is also about asking someone how they are, asking about the loved one they have lost to suicide, listening to what's being said and finding out if they need more support and helping them find it if they do.

Lisa Archibald, Families Voices Forum Co-ordination and Development Officer, says, "Suicide prevention isn't always about training and policies and funding services, important though they all are. It's about being a compassionate human being, towards ourselves and others around us and that's achievable by everybody immediately. 

"My thoughts are with you all today and I do understand these days can be extremely difficult to cope with and triggering of our grief for our loved ones lost. It's important we pause and take time to get in touch with our own sadness and loss too.

"I will be thinking of you all as I light my candle tonight and hope you all continue to stay safe and well during these times."