IMAC Group joined forces with “Work Well Live Well” Programme, a workplace health support service for workplaces funded by the Public Health Agency

IMAC Group have recently completed a wellbeing survey with staff and are in the process of developing a wellbeing plan for the organisation as well as taking part in various wellbeing and training initiatives.

Kicking off things today as part of Mens Health Week staff were invited to take part in a Mens Health Talk on mental health.

Cara Henry Health and Safety Manager said ““With IMAC Group having a positive outlook on mental health it was brilliant that Sabrina together with the Work Well live programme was able to provide our employees with Health Information Van pack. These packs included a range of resources from Stop Smoking initiatives to Pocket cards with Emergency phone numbers. To mark Mens Health week this week , our male employees took part in a Mens Health webinar hosted by the Health and Social Care Trust which was offered to us by Sabrina. Everyone at the IMAC Group is excited to continue working with Sabrina and all at Health@Work NI to continually raise awareness of physical and mental Health.

Sabrina Moore – Programme Manager for Work Well said. “It’s fantastic to see a local company take the health and wellbeing of its employees seriously, I am delighted to be working with IMAC Group on this initiative. We will be offering Workplace Health Champions, Mental Health and Cancer Awareness Sessions and much more as part of this programme.

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The IMAC Group, known for their commitment to employee well-being, has taken advantage of our comprehensive Team Health services, reaping the benefits of health checks, cancer awareness, and skin scan sessions. By prioritizing their staff's health, they have not only demonstrated their dedication to employee welfare but also empowered their team to take charge of their well-being.

The positive feedback from the staff reflects their delight with these services, fostering a sense of appreciation and loyalty within the organization. Through these proactive measures, the IMAC Group sets a remarkable example for other companies, emphasizing the significance of investing in employee health and fostering a thriving and motivated workforce.

Here is what the Health and Safety officer from IMAC had to say
"IMAC Group Ltd would just like to thank Team Health for a very informative Cancer awareness session, our Men and Woman really enjoyed the interactive session and skin scan".
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