If it’s not, it should be. And you can get kick-started for free. Sabrina Moore explains why it is the perfect time to refocus your workforce on health & happiness. 

Businesses have gone through a great deal of uncertainty over the last year and more than ever will be need their staff to support them through the coming months. A healthy workforce is a happy workforce and ultimately a much more productive one.

So, with whatever changes COVID has brought to your business – a change of working environment, more focus on online systems or motivating employees to come back from furlough – it is really worth demonstrating the focus that you place on their physical and mental wellbeing and make them feel valued. 

A wellbeing strategy provides the framework and the training needed to motivate and incentivise employees to get involved. I have been working with small, medium and large businesses for the last 10 years to develop these programmes. All of them tailored to the specific needs of the business and the first year funded by the Public Health Agencies regional Work Well Live Well Programme.

Three levels of support through the “Work Well Live Well Programme” 

There are three consecutive stages to developing a wellbeing programme: 

  • Level 1 – Register to receive up to date information on workplace health and encouragement to adopt the Mental Health Charter 
  • Level 2 – Sign up for support to help you complete a staff wellbeing survey and develop a wellbeing action plan for the organisation 
  • Level 3 – Staff member/s take part in training on how to be an advocate for health and wellbeing within the workplace (Workplace Health Champion) and an opportunity for a member of staff to be a Mental Health First Aider, we also offer a range of networking events focused on wellbeing topics such as stress,  finance, sleep and run diversity training for managers.

These levels build employee confidence and engagement in the programme and so that at the end of Level 3 you have created champions within your business who will drive the wellbeing agenda for years to come. 

This approach has already worked for over  100’s of organisations in the West and at this time of uncertainty and change we want to be a beacon for up to 50 more businesses this year through our funded programme. Could yours be one of them?


Sabrina Moore is Developing Healthy Communities’ Health@WorkNI Manager. She has been championing workplace health in the Western Trust are for over 15 years and managing the 'Work Well, Live Well' scheme on behalf of the PHA.