The last few months have forced us all to develop new ways of living where we need to balance our own needs with working from home, perhaps home schooling your children or looking after older relatives.

These are unprecedented times for all of us and where some people have developed coping mechanisms to balance these new pressures, others may feel differently. Whilst the odd duvet day or bad mood is fine, when sustained over many days or even weeks it can impact on how we feel and how we impact on others.

There is lots of good advice available on coping strategies during lockdown and practical steps on how to set up a good routine for yourself and your family available. At Developing Healthy Communities, we have been pulling together lots of this advice together to make it easier to find in our dedicated COVID-19 hub.

Visit the COVID-19 hub

Remember – everyone will be dealing with lockdown differently. Sometimes just finding a couple of simple changes that work for you and your family can help.