Our Strengthening Families Programme improves family relationships, parental bonds and parenting skills.

Proven results show that through this programme, good parenting can achieve better outcomes for children and improve social and life skills for the young people participating. It also increases emotional resilience and reduces risk factors for problem behaviour in high risk children including behavioural problems, emotional, academic and social problems.

One parent who completed the programme said:

“Children are now really good at controlling their anger, we don’t have tantrums any more. If something is wrong they tell now, we have learned how to become a better family, we are happier.”

Our programme

Delivered over 14 weeks, the programme has a unique format which brings the family together for a meal before parents, teenagers and children are separated for group skills sessions. The family reunites at the end of the session to practice the skills learnt.

Its evidence based approach complements and enhances existing work on an interagency basis.